Terms & Conditiones

Terms & Conditiones

Terms & Conditiones



To make a reservation you fill out our bookings form completely. After receiving all information we will send you an invoice for confirmation of the reservation. Only after a first payment has been made the reservation stands.


Invoices of participants or groups have to be paid at least 4 weeks in advance when the time between booking and start of activity is more than 6 weeks. To be able to attend the camp or trip the total amount of the invoice has to be paid in form of transfer through banking before you can attend our program. Only after receiving complete payment the booking stands.


If a cancellation finds place on the participant’s side after receiving payment, we do not refund the money to the participant. Participants should have a travel insurance that includes money refund after have given a valid reason and be able to demonstrate a note from authorized parties.
If Good People ISCE should cancel either a trip/ camp or event, then we will refund the money paid for, by and to the participant.


Participation on a Good People Surf camp or trip is at own risk! Therefore participants need to be 18+ or have a written approval and signed invoice by a parent or guardian. Every participant needs to have a valid travel insurance that covers medical costs.
Good People ISCE does not take any responsibility for; situations of superior force such as: strikes or weather conditions; damage caused by delays that shortens the stay of the participant; damage or loss of luggage on the camp or belongings that get stolen.

Participant’s Responsibility

All participants that use materials rented or given to them by crew to use, have the responsibility to use these items with great care. If there is damage done to one of the items used or if an item gets stolen while in the participants possession, Good People ISCE will charge the participant in a reasonable manner to be able to replace the item or repair it.