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Welcome to Good People Surf Zarautz

With our Surf Camp and Surf School in the beautiful Basque Beach town of Zarautz, we like to bring people together in a fun way to have an unforgettable experience. Our main goal is to teach you all about Surf and Ocean awareness. As well as showing you the insights on the Beautiful Basque Country and its culture.

Zarautz is a town with beautiful surroundings where the ocean and the mountains meet and are just a few steps away from each other. It is known for its surf, the gastronomy with the famous “Pintxo Bars” (Basque Tapas) and cozy ‘plaza’s’ for a great social get-together. Michelin star city San Sebastian is just around the corner and so are several natural reserve parks for some mountain action.


Our Good People Surf School offers surf lessons for all levels. Individual feedback, multilingual instructors and a lot of fun is waiting for you. Get started or reach the next level. Come and surf with us!

With years of experience teaching on the Basque coast we are equipped to meet your needs. Beginners to advanced, soft tops, longboards or shortboards.

Equipment rental is available to make sure you have the right board and wetsuit for your level and any condition.
We welcome beginning to advanced surfers for their amazing experience on our family feel camp. Set up in a green surrounding with different accommodation options to choose from.

Zarautz breathes the coastal culture and lies in a bay surrounded by mountains. Its beautiful beach stretches for 2,5 km with different peaks and surf breaks for all levels.

Travel alone or in a group? Vegetarian or meat lover? Slashing waves or still catching white water? At our Surf Camp you will find yourself right at home together with good people from day one.
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Good People Surf Camp

Depending on the time of the year you can join in on our trips and excursions. From the Basque Country to Portugal and more destinations waiting to be explored. Surf and travel with good people, come and join our adventures!